I contacted With painting from an early age. For a short time I worked in the laboratories of professor of the School of Fine Arts Forum D.Daniel and the painter D.Hitiris. I attendanted seminars at HEN Greek school.

I am a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece (EETE).

In 1990 I made my first exhibition. Until today I made several solo and group exhibitions. My works are in museums, galleries and private collections.

I have been included as a painter in the publications ofTHE GREEK PAINTERS (the publishing house of Melissa) in "Literary May 1st Day" and WHO IS WHO in MEP Greece. Painting of mine are also published as covers of literature books.

Some of my pictures are place to:

  • Cyclade's picture gallery
  • Maria's Kotopouli Museum
  • Crete's Navy Museum
  • Municipality of Piniou (Ilia), Town Hall
  • and in private collections